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Equine CBD Supplement


  • REX Wheat Germ Oil trusted animal product provider for 80 years
  • 60mg CBD per oz from Broad Spectrum Distillate (THC non-detect)
  • Wheat germ oil for added Vitamin E to promote healthy skin and coat
  • Made with USA-grown hemp


Wheat Germ Oil, Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract (Aerial Parts)


Add directly to feed once daily. One oz contains 60mg of CBD from Broad Spectrum Distillate. Give 1 pump (approximately 1 oz) of REX Daily Equine Supplement per 400 lbs of body weight. Start at half the recommended serving and build up gradually.


Cart before the horse? Swap that cart out for Viobin’s hemp-infused wheat germ oil and get things back on the right track. REX Animal and Viobin have been producing and selling equine products for more than 80 years and recently started offering federally legal, CBD-infused pet products.

After a long day on the dusty trail, treat your trusty steed to a much-deserved break with a little something extra with our American-grown, THC below the detectable limit of testing complemented by naturally occurring Vitamin E found in Wheat Germ Oil.

Sorry, this product is not available for sale in California.


Batch NumberTitleDatePDF
02072020-001 Broad Spectrum Equine CBD Supplement07/24/2020
14669Broad Spectrum 12mg CBD for Pets Isolate07/20/2020